Kramade emerged in early 2017, driven by a group of students who tried to promote the development of their own projects, from the university. They realized that a high percentage of the projects proposed at the academic level would provide great added value to society. The problem was detected when trying to launch the first product. They verified how to bring a product to the market, it was not just serving to have prototyped and tested a product, they verified how they needed to take the next step and get fully involved in product development and manufacturing.

This stage is where the most difficulties are encountered, since inexperience and little knowledge of the manufacturing industry are added, as well as the lack of economic resources. But all is not lost, today there are different ways to overcome these barriers.

Kramade offers the opportunity to explore the best of ways to develop and manufacture each product. Thanks to its own methodologies, it uses multiple resources based on new technologies and innovative resources that allow with a minimum investment of time and resources to successfully launch a product on the market.

The university is a good breeding ground for solutions to emerge that solve problems in our society. It is the perfect environment to develop user-based solutions, leaving business models for the next steps, thanks to which completely viable projects would be created. The negative side is in the lack of resources and training in the field of development, which is basically acquired through experience, which is why more than 95% of apparently viable projects are forgotten in the archives of the universities.

Kramade set out from the outset to offer a solution that enables the launch of new products with high added value to the market. We are committed to local manufacturing and we promote synergies between creators and producers, enriching and promoting the local economy.


Koldobika Goikoetxea
CEO Tormesh & promotor Kramade
Laura Oliver
UX design en Tormesh & promotora Kramade
Ignasi Pascual
CTO Tormesh & promotor Kramade